Alapala Feed


Alapala Group is active in 4 business sector with 7 companies including industry, food, foreign, trade and construction.

With its 50 years old experience, high technological infrastucture, perfectionist and dynamic staff, management with vision; Alapala Group’s principle is develop continuously. The group seeks to maximize the value of its brands and continue to have domestic and abroad investments and partnerships.

Alapala Feed Milling Inc.

Founded in 1984, Alapala Feed Milling has a capacity of 15t/hr, 360t/day production.

Having the aim of the being a leader in feed production Alapala Feed Milling is supporting the efficient animal feeding and the devolopment of animal farming.


Adress: Ankara Yolu 7. Km Çorum / Türkiye

Tel: +90 (364) 235 00 35-36

Fax+90 (364) 235 00 38