Human Resources Policies

Our human resources policy


Human Resources Vision   

To establish a human resource profile that will carry Alapala into the future with their knowledge, skills and capabilities and provide solutions to our customers’ demands at a global geography under a Human Resources Management approach with high performance standards.

Human Resources Main Goals

 •To shape Human Resources Management processes in order to create efficient and effective human resources in line with Alapala Group’s goals, with consideration to organizational and administrative needs along with individual development expectations of the employees,

• To establish a profile of employees who try to constantly improve their capabilities,  professional knowledge and skills, are open to innovations and changes when necessary, committed to constant improvement in both themselves and all processes of the organization and to being customer oriented and make the difference in competition,

• To establish a working environment where all units and management of the group and employees have mutual trust and open communications with focus on us

• To form a staff that is capable of understanding the needs of people in the world in different cultures and environments.


Human Resources Profile

 • Able to establish relations and work comfortably with people with different cultures and personalities,

• Having a wider perspective,

• Understanding customer needs and creating proactive solutions,

• Self assured, open to change and innovation,

• Bent on achieving the perfect and hard goals,

• Capable of team work, with “WE” mentality.

• Capable of research, development and presentation,

• Maintaining quality and continuous development in every aspect of their lives,

• Adopting ALAPALA culture and aware of social responsibilities


Role of Human Resources

• To harmonize the vision of Human Resources and corporate Vision,

• To be able to operate as a strategic partner in business operations,

•Be the factor of change,

• Improve productivity ad performance by increasing the capability and potential of the employee,


Human Resources Application

Join Us: "Hiring and Placement Process"

We aim to provide qualified labor that has positive training, experience and inclination to work in line with corporate needs, with potential in quick learning and excellence in work performance that can contribute to increasing quality and efficiency. This is conducted in accordance with multinational corporate and employer standards. Alapala currently boasts the cooperation of European, American, African and Asian employees.


Application Phase:Candidates can apply to Alapala through e-mail, website or through recommendation of company employees.


Filling the Application Form:At this phase we gather detailed information on the resumes of our candidates. Tests: We evaluate your foreign language with foreign language tests and your profile with personality tests.


Job Interview:Interview process is a bilateral process that allows us to learn about your skills and capabilities while you learn more about us. The applications of the candidates that are not accepted into the position are kept in our database for 12 months to be used in other positions.


Orientation and Assignment:Alapala Group starts training its employees as soon as they are employed. Initially the employee attends an orientation program to speed up adaptation to the job and the organization.

Our Knowledge, Skill and Capability Management System:

It is our sub process where we are evaluated in line with the capabilities expected from us in accordance with Organizational development and strategies that continues on with establishment of capability development plans.


Continuous Improvement Management:

 Main Goals;

• To create a continuously improving and learning organization with capability and self assurance to be better than the best,

• By enabling the cultural change both in corporate level and personal level to;

Create a happy employee profile proud to be a member, identifies with and embraces the corporation, contributes with pleasure to maximize personal and team performance for this, improves processional capabilities and knowledge continuously,researcher, open to innovations, ready to take responsibility and committed to continuously improve processes of its own as well as of the organization and being customer oriented, with “WE” mentality.

• To establish a WORK ENVIRONMENT between all units of Alapala Group and management and employees based on mutual trust and positive and open communications, which is accommodating, harmonious, tranquil, peaceful, enabling high motivation with emphasis on “WE”, requiring no alternative organizations

• creating an EMPLOYEE BASE who have adopted total quality and ‘learning organization’ concepts with skills to use the tools of this management system

are the main goals of Continuous Improvement Management.


Internship Opportunity:Alapala Group provides internship to successful students in Universities and occupational high schools. It uses the students that are successful in the internship as a resource in employment needs that arise from time to time.