A Message From the Vice Chairman of the Board

"We have a customer and quality oriented organization and structure. Our objective is to create an environment where both our employees and customers are satisfied."


Dear business associates and personnel of Alapala Group,


We live in a world of constant change. Old technologies are replaced by the new ones. Such changes continuously lead you to create new ideas. As Alapala Group, we are working sustainability and development oriented manner. In this process, we never concede quality and customer satisfaction. Our devoted and effective human resources, powerful and technological infrastructure and passion for work have moved Alapala Machine to become one of the world’s biggest companies in its sector.


During the 60 years of our business life we have kept our goals at maximum and will continue in this manner. We will always provide the best product and services to our customers through our employees who have creativity, corporation and perfectionism as their principle. We will also continue to introduce Alapala quality to different markets by adding new references to our already existing ones in more than 85 countries along with our international alliances.

Vice Chairman of the Board
Görkem Alapala