Pellet Press KPPM



It is designed to obtain the pressed feed by mixing by - products in the flour mills and product in the feed mills with water, steam or molasses.




-Food industry
-Flour and semolina mills
-Feed mills
-Corn, oats, rye, barley and similar grain processing plants



The sub - product enters variable pitch stainless steel feeder screw’s inlet then it is forwarded into the mixer, which is on the top section of the pellet press. When the product reaches in the rotor section water, steam or molasses are sprayed on it. The softened product is conveyed to a pelleting section. The rollers direct feed across the full width of the die to optimize production. The pressed feed is cut by means of adjustable knifes and consequently pelleted feed is obtained at desired dimensions. Steam or molasses feeding can be done both automatically and manually.



  • High efficiency
  • Suitable design for ideal working conditions
  • If required, the inner surface of the mixer can be chromium - plated
  • Disc system is well protected aganist strokes
  • Smooth operation
  • Easily and quickly dies replacement
  • Easy maintenance

Product Features

  • KPPMten
  • KPPMten2