Why Alapala?

Why Alapala ?


1- Alapala is one of the two largest companies of the world in milling sector. Alapala has superior technological infrastructure, experienced staff and 60 years of experience.

2- Alapala has successfully completed hundreds of turnkey projects to one of the developed country Germany and to over than 85 countries including France, Belgium and USA.

3- Due to its economical solutions, Alapala is always providing high quality machines with most affordable prices to its customers.

4- Wide spare parts stock, powerful service network and fast service ensures Alapala to win the approval of its customers.

5- Thanks to its research and development, it adopts all the innovation to its products.

6- With energy saving machines, Alapala contributes its customers with their cost savings. 

7- Alapala is an expert company in building flour, feed, semolina mills, grain storage systems and industrial steel buildings.

8- Quality is indispensable for Alapala. The most two important key factors for Alapala’s success are perfectionism and customer satisfaction orientation.