Details of Webinar

A short insight of pasta processing technologies, and how to maintain a good quality from the grain to the final product.

Webinar sessions will take 45 minutes, including an open discussion at the end of each session for Q&A, experience sharing, and suggestions.

Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar

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Milan Shah

Technical Director, Alapala

Milan Shah was born in Kenya and is currently residing in Turkey. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Bristol and has over 20 years’ experience in the milling sector. He has served Alapala for over 10 years in various positions and is currently serving as the Technical Director. Among his various responsibilities engineering, research and development are some of them.

Enrico Mola

Co-Founder and CEO, Perantani

Mr Enrico Mola is a food lover by education (bachelor of sc. in Food Technology, and Ph.D in Food Science), by passion and by experience, with more than 22 years in this domain. He worked across all the manufacturing/product related functions; operation, engineering, R&D, and quality. His main interests are developing new technologies, new formulations, and solutions in pasta industry: ‘I love to share my passion with the team and transfer the same to all stakeholders. Food and making food is part of my DNA, is my joy of live is a way to communicate, basically is WHO I AM.’