Mill Master SAFF

Mill Master SAFF


Mill rice in small batches

This rice whitener can produce small quantities of many varieties of rice.

Residue remover discharges rice automatically.

Rice inside the machine is discharged with air when rice milling finishes. This prevents contamination when changing materials.

Easy bran removal and low rice temperature

This machine is equipped with a jet air suction system. Jet air from a built-in fan through the milling roll helps to remove bran and limit increases in rice temperature. *A bag filter is required for suction.

Milling control designed for many varieties and applications

This unit uses a proprietary rice milling system which has been installed in many large rice mills. It is based on a combination of abrasion and two types of friction. Milling degrees can be changed independently in each abrasive and frictional section to deliver optimum rice milling performance across many varieties and applications. High milling yield and low-temperature rice milling are key features of this rice milling system.

Mill Master SAFF



The new grain cleaner can remove both straws and immature paddy(and husked grain) simply by replacing the sorting screens. It reduces initial and maintenance cost with a smaller footprint.

Optimum Sorting

Removing larger impurities at the 1st stage Scalper ensures optimum sorting efficiency at the latter stages, 2nd stage Siffer and 3rd stage Aspirator.


AutoFeed Control

Feed value is constantly monitored and controlled by the sensor to optimize the feed.

Clog Prevention

The cleaning brushes remove straws and husked grains to prevent screen clogging.


Easy Maintenance

The sorting screens can be easily accessed and replaced by opening the rear hatches.