Vertical Rice Whitener VTA

Vertical Rice Whitener VTA


Higher milling yield and fewer brokens

Evenly milled, higher yield rice with fewer brokens and minimum moisture loss is obtained due to the adoption of the newly developed, state-of-the-art milling chamber.

Easy operation

The required whiteness is easily obtained by the adjustment of the discharge weight. An automatic milling degree controller is also available as an option.

Easy replacement of parts

The abrasive rolls are easily withdrawn from the top of the unit, because the cantilevered main shaft design makes a bearing at the top of the machine unnecessary. The screens are of a “lift-away” design, which makes screen changes quick and easy without having to remove the frame from the machine. All other parts are easily accessible and readily changeable.

Minimum bran residue inside machine

In the section below the milling chamber, there is a bran rotor valve which assists in removing bran from the machine.