Hammer Mill | TCDA

Hammer mills are the generally used machine to obtain smaller particles in the feed industry.

Broyeur A Marteaux - TCDA

Optionals For TCDA

Automatically cleaned filter installation | Temperature monitor of grinding chamber | Temperature sensors on bearings

Optionals For TCDA


  • From 5 to 35 tons/hours capacities
  • Two directions of rotations
  • Rotor has been balanced under maximum working speed
  • Particle size up to 60 mm. edge lenght
  • Bulk density 0.2 to 0.8 kg/dm3
  • Electropneumatically controlled pivoted deflection plate
  • Low noise 90-93 dba under nominal load
  • Easily changeable screens within one minute by quick span lock
  • Interlock preventing opening of doors (when motor is running)
  • Two bearing suspension
  • Hammers and rods hardened for long life
Broyeur A Marteaux - TCDA