Crumbler | YAGM

Generally for very young poultry, small pellets should be reduced smaller parts as called crumbs 5 or 6 mm. diameter pellets reduced by means of two or four crumbling rolls, also that provide a nutritionally balanced diet. Also the crumblers are used commonly in cattle feed and sheep feed industry today.

Crumbler - YAGM


  • Roll adjustment assembly with overload protection device
  • Each roller is driven seperately by means of electric motor
  • Heavy hardened and fluted longitudinally press rollers
  • Rolls are mounted in heavy duty self-aligning bearings
  • Installed in a sturdy steel housing
  • Pneumatically operated by-pass flap
  • Low noise level
  • Capacity up to 30 tons per hour
  • Seperately driven dosing and supply feeder distributes pellets