Thickness/Width Grader WS

Thickness/Width Grader WS


Compact design

A total of six octagonal screens are fitted within the compact body. Each screen is made of corrugated steel plate with slots at regular intervals, and is light in weight. The changeover of one size of screen to another can be done quickly and easily by a single operator.

Easy maintenance

An anti-clogging device is employed and ensures the screen slots are maintained clean all the time. It is equipped with a dust suction port to allow removal of aspirated dust and sand. A removable bottom hopper allows easy access for maintenance.

Screen variation

There are 12 different screen slot widths for brown rice separation, ranging from 1.10 mm to 1.95 mm. Heat treated hardened screens are also available for paddy and wheat applications. Screens of 16 slot widths are available, ranging from 1.60 mm to 3.00 mm.

Well-designed transmission

A geared motor with a chain drive transmission minimizes a vibration as well as transmission losses by slippage.