Bucket Elevator | KBEA

Belted bucket elevator is very ideal for vertical conveying of bulk materials or products, which have particle size up to 50 mm.

Bucket Elevator - KBEA


The whole body is fabricated from steel sheet. Because of international safety regulations, inspection and installation covers should only be opened by suitable tools. The driven system is designed to move only in one direction. Reverse movement isn’t permitted. For special applications, mostly worn surfaces are supported (covered) with replaceable plates. Drive selection; With direct-coupled reducer motor With chain or belt-pulley driven reducer system

Features & Advantages

  • DahaHigh efficiency with less power consumption
  • Easy and minimum maintenance
  • Durability and long lifetime
  • Smooth operation
  • Movement direction control switch for safety precaution

Application Fields

  • It is designed to be used for both food and non-food industrial applications.
  • At food processing industry
  • Flour, semolina and feed mills
  • Brewery plants
  • Food processing systems
  • Coffee and cocoa processing plants
  • At chemical and similar plants
  • At cement factories
  • At fertilizer plants
  • At stone and lime plants
  • At other similar industrial plants
Bucket Elevator - KBEA