Drum Detacher | DTDA

It is used to break endosperm flakes, which are obtained after reduction rolls, so that it helps for the process of the flour production.

Drum Detacher - DTDA


At flour mills; At coarse and fine semolina passages | After roller mills or before plansifter inlet

Drum Detacher - DTDA

Application Fields

  • At flour mills
  • At coarse and fine semolina passages
  • After roller mills or before plansifter inlet

Features & Advantages

  • Delicate detaching without degradation of stock
  • It can be installed on the floor or suspended from ceiling
  • Possibility of right hand or left hand inlet
  • Low power need
  • Driven either by belt-pulley system or by direct connection to motor

Model DTDA - 35 / 45G This model is designed for higher capacities. Application, design and working principles are similar to those of our regular model DTDA 30/45. Material incoming is different. The cumulated product enters from the side and feeds axially through the machine.

Working Principle

The material (stock) to be detached is fed through the inlet directly to the rotor and is caught by the inner surface of the jacket, which is installed with six impact bars helps increasing the detaching output. The pitch of beaters directs the material from the feeding point to the discharge point of the machine.


A cylindrical steel body is supported by stands from both sides. The design of supports allows the drum detacher to be installed on the floor or to be suspended from the ceiling. The rotor is outfitted with four beaters. It is bedded at both ends by ball bearings, which are installed outside. The rotor can be driven by direct- coupled or belt-pulley system either from inlet or outlet side.

Drum Detacher - DTDA