Two Channel Sifter | DKES

Two Channel Sifter - DKES

The capacity of the plansifter is determined by taking into consideration the kind of application and the grade of silk cloth.

Two Channel Sifter - DKES

Application Fields

  • At flour mills: For wheat, corn and similar grain processing plants
  • At feed mills: For final sifting of formulated feed meals, corn, crushed pellet feed, barley, oats and for removing the remained coarse materials after grinding and similar processes
  • At various foods processing plants: For sifting process of instant soups, baby food, sugar and tea
  • At others industrial plants: For sifting of plastic, salt and granular materials

Features & Advantages

  • Simple design and easy operation possibility
  • Easy to install and easy to feed
  • Smooth and noiseless operation
  • Completely leakage-proof sieve stack
  • Easy to change sieve stacks
  • The sieve flow schema, numbers of sieves can be adjusted to meet special requirements
  • Easy accessibility to sieves and drive systems from all sides
  • Minimum time is required for maintenance and cleaning works
  • High efficiency, light weight construction, small space requirement

Working Principle

Vibrating process is maintained by means of vibro-motors, which are placed in the center of gravity of the machine. The grain feeding chamber and body which are mounted on the rubber shock absorbers by vibrating together and driven by vibro-motors convey the product into midsection of inlet. The grain is separated uniformly on the entire surface of the screen by means of an adjustable regulating gate.