A perfect evolution of milling technology.

The new SIMILAGO II is the result of ALAPALA’s 60 years of experience in the milling technology and engineering of roller mills and the complete range of milling machinery. The SIMILAGO II is designed for high, continuous and consistent grinding of cereals such as wheat, maize (corn), rye, spelt, barley and sorghum. A uniform feed rate across the grinding rolls ensures a consistent grind.

A perfect evolution of milling technology.

Feeding Control Systems

Stock Level Control

The product level at the inlet bunker is controlled by using load cells, which sends signals via PLC to adjust the feed roll speed accordingly.

Feeding Gap Adjustment

Manual feeding gap adjustment mechanism ensures a uniform flow on feed rolls.

Grinding Control Systems

Motor Load Protection

Main motor load is constantly measured for protection against any possible damage.

Roll Disengagement System

The system disengages main rolls after the machine shutdown, for preventing any product blockage at the next start-up.

Roll Speed Monitoring

The rotational speed of grinding rolls is monitored against an unexpected stop due to belt problem, etc.


SIMILAGO II Facelift is built to comply with the high sanitation standards and ensure food safety.

The roller mill’s all front structure is isolated and smoothened against adhering and condensation risk.

Stainless steel product contact surfaces is also available as an option.

Time Saving

Quick Roll Change

Roll change operation can be performed in just 20 minutes, with is a significant reduction in down times. Also, the operation can be carried out easily with only using a standard tool set.

Central Lubrication System

The system allows one-point and automatic lubrication of bearings with a proper distribution at nearly 30 different points; as another time saving, convenient, and reliable solution.

Easy Removal of Parts

The lower chamber of feeding system can be easily set to fully open position with only a single movement. The doors and covers can also be quickly removed for easy access for cleaning.


  • 800 mm, 1.000 mm or 1.250 mm roll length
  • 250 mm (standard) or 300 mm roll diameter
  • Double Deck version to save from space
  • Direct Pick-Up Version


  • Main drive motor, incl. pulleys and belts *
  • Motor mounting profile beams and fasteners *
  • Electrical motor trays *
  • Floor mount metal chassis incl. anchor bolts *
  • Roll disassembly trolley incl. toolbox *
  • Pulley and bearings disassembly set *
  • Discharge hoppers
  • (*) Only supplied as standard in turnkey projects


  • Stainless Steel Contact Surfaces
  • Central Lubrication System

Nature’s blessing inspires our innovations...

Nature’s blessing inspires our innovations...