A perfect evolution of milling technology.

The new SIMILAGO II is the result of ALAPALA’s 60 years of experience in the milling technology and engineering of roller mills and the complete range of milling machinery. The SIMILAGO II is designed for high, continuous and consistent grinding of cereals such as wheat, maize (corn), rye, spelt, barley and sorghum. A uniform feed rate across the grinding rolls ensures a consistent grind.

A perfect evolution of milling technology.


Structurally, the SIMILAGO II has a sturdy frame which is a desk type, precision machined by using the most modern CNC machines. The steel used is a special quality high carbon steel. The bearings and the grinding rolls are directly mounted on to the frame. This sturdy construction gives the SIMILAGO II the ability to perform high capacity grinding with continuous operation without effecting its performance and reliability day in and day out . The internal product contact parts are made from stainless steel which also stop the adhering and accumulation of the product and condensation. The SIMILAGO II is silent in running due to the special profiled transmission belt, drive pulleys and tensioning pulleys which differentially drive the rolls. No greasing is required which provides a clean environment. Roll temperature is kept low by the air circulation provided by the aero dynamic design of chamber structure.
Easy and fast change of the rolls can be performed in 20 minutes, which is a significant reduction in down times. No special tools are required as the standard tools can be used. No lifting devices for the roll sets are required as they can be dismounted directly from the machine onto a cart. The grinding rolls are mounted on self-aligning double row roller bearings which are housed in 25 mm thickness housing. For inspection purposes, double walled inspection door (Alapala design) which can be opened and closed easily due to a weight system avoiding the use of latches. This enables the doors to be dismounted / mounted to from the machine without the use of fasteners. The universal frame of the SIMILAGO II allows the use of grinding rolls with either a diameter of 250 mm or 300 mm.

Working Principle

The feed roll speed is controlled automatically by the capacitance sensor in the feed box which sends a signal to feed roll drive motor invertor via a PLC according to the product level in the feed box. No calibration is required. This ensures a perfect and uniform product feed to the grinding rolls. The polycarbonate inspection glass on the feed box can be easily removed from the outside without the need to dismantle the feed spouts and related parts, for cleaning. The SIMILAGO II complies with the sanitation standards. Opportunity for maximum cleaning and hygiene in a few minutes by setting lower chamber of feeding system rollers to fully open position with only a single operation.

Application Fields

At food industry
  • Flour and semolina plants
  • Other food processing plants


Standard Accessories
  • Lifting hooks
  • Discharge hoppers
Optional accessories
  • Main drive motor, drive belts and pulleys
  • Motor mounting profile beam and fasteners
  • Adjustable motor mounting
  • Floor mount metal chassis with anchor bolts*
  • Roll disassembly & assembly cart*
  • All required tools*
  • Wrench set*
  • Optional accessories marked (*) are supplied as standard
  • accessories for complete turnkey projects.

Features & Advantages

  • High quality
  • High performance
  • High efficiency
  • High capacity
  • Maintenance
  • Long life
  • High precision
  • Maximum safety
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Minimum need for periodical maintenance
  • Minimum parts replacement time
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Minimum noise level
  • Perfection and aesthetics

Nature’s blessing inspires our innovations...

Nature’s blessing inspires our innovations...