Semolina Milling | Grain Milling Technology

Complete integrated milling system to mill semolina from durum wheat. Semolina milled from durum wheat is the primary raw material for the production of Pasta, Couscous and in some cases confectionary. Alapala utilizes PeriTec which is a unique process, developed by Satake, which can be utilised in the debranning of the durum wheat thus giving a relative speck free semolina.

Semolina Milling

Alapala supplies its worldwide customers with state-of-the-art flour milling technologies and innovative research and development approaches for semolina milling machinery and turnkey semolina mill plants. As Alapala, we have been offering wide range from complete turnkey semolina mill solutions to specialized machines for every step.

Semolina Milling - Grain Milling Technology