Air Jet Plus Filter | KFSI

Suitable to separate dust and other particles suspended in air of cleaning department aspirator system before being discharged to the outside with a bottom scraper.

Air Jet Plus Filter - KFSI
Air Jet Plus Filter - KFSI


  • Fabricated cylindrical sheet-metal structure with tangential inlet and wide inspection doors
  • Filtering sleeves supported by metallic circular cages with quick release clamps
  • Pneumatic low pressure sleeve cleaning system utilizes compressed air at 0,6 bar
  • Distribution group with solenoid valve to control rinsing valves
  • Electronic equipment to position rotary manifold and program operation setting (rinsing time, pause, etc)
  • Flat bottom with scraper

Effective Factors

  • The size of particles, paint pigments, pneumatic system of the mill, cleaning, aspiration
  • Physical composition of dust
  • Dust concentration in the untreated air (aspiration)
  • Electrostatic charge:
  • The given filter dimensions are taken into consideration in accordance with a 2.4 meter long bag.
  • The rate of flow changes depending on the rate of filtration area for other length of filter bags.
  • The air needed for cleaning and pneumatic control purposes of the Jet Plus Filter is supplied by a blower, which produces dry air
  • The air needed for cleaning and pneumatic control is obtained directly through a connection between the filter and the blower without using an air tank
  • The Jet Plus Filter is combined with a pneumatic control unit, which is actuated by an electronic control unit, quick ventilation valves (nozzles) and venture pipes

Working Principle

N1 Filtration phases in the N1 bag: The dusty air is purified (filtrated) in the outer surface of the hose type filter bag. N2 Final cleaning phase in the N2 bag: Dust loaded outer surface of the filter bags is cleaned respectively by blowing air from inside of bags. The accumulated dust is discharged out of the air lock due a scraper.

Application Fields

  • At food industry
  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Feed mills
  • Biscuit and macaroni factories
  • Nut processing plants
  • Brewery factories
  • Other food processing plants
  • At chemical industry
  • Paint factories
  • Plastic factories
  • Detergent factories
  • At wooden industry
  • At non-metallic industries
  • At stone and soil quarries
  • At cement factories
  • For general use

Features & Advantages

  • The filter can be used in the pressurized and vacuum systems. The cleaning of hose type filter bags is carried out by air at 0.5 bars, which is free of oil and water
  • The consumption of the cleaning air is found by this formula: 30 - 40 NLt (Newton liter) x bag x blow
  • The optimal flow geometry of the cleaning air route shows as mentioned below:
  • The loading capacity of filter for each product
  • The max cleaning capacity for each filter bag
  • The highest cleaning ratio of cleaned air
  • The filter body is combined with cleaning air tank
  • Therefore, there is no need for an additional air tank
  • The important criterions of filter loads
  • In addition to the given effective values at right, the loading of filter depends on some other factors such as, chemical reactions, drying, filtration process, etc. As an example, at wheat cleaning process, in a filter with a 2.4-meter long bag, maximum loading for aspirator would be 9 cubic meters per minute per square meter.
Air Jet Plus Filter - KFSI