Sliding Gate | MPKA

It is used to discharge or interrupt the flow of free flowing raw material or products to any desired terminal.

Sliding Gate - MPKA

Application Fields

  • At food industry
  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Feed mills
  • Biscuit and pastry plants
  • Nut processing plants
  • Malt factories
  • At chemical industry
  • Paint factories
  • Plastic factories
  • Detergent factories
  • At wooden industry
  • At soil & quarries industry
  • Cement industry

Working Principle

The product flow is allowed or stopped by opening and closing the sliding gate, which has a leakage-proof feature. The pneumatic and manual types can be manufactured. The pneumatic type gate can be automatically operated and connected to the automation system. The flow rate of a manual type-sliding gate is adjusted by means of an adjusting screw.

Features & Advantages

  • Can be used with screw and chain conveyors and at silo and bin outlets two different models, pneumatic and manual (screw) type
  • Can be use with PLC system
  • Easy to dismantle steel construction
  • Leakage proof
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance
Sliding Gate - MPKA