Vibro Sifter | DVSI

It is used to unstuck the humid and greasy flour which come from the filter and the bran finisher.

Vibro Sifter - DVSI
Vibro Sifter - DVSI


The machine is constituted of:

Structure of electro-weld sheet rests on support with rubber shock absorber, Group of unstuck constituted with a rotor supported by two line of bearing and equipped with radial adjustable five beaters, Coat whit very resistant nylon sleeve, rests on easily dismantle metallic case, Belt gear motor, Transparent inlet pipe

Application Fields

  • At food processing industry
  • Flour mills -Semolina mills

Features & Advantages

Low energy consumption and high output Minimum and easy maintenance Durability and long lifetime Practical and easy cleaning process Quick and easy screen replacement Noiseless working condition Less space is needed, when double model is used

Working Principle

The product is thrown towards the nylon screen by means of a wing - fitted rotor, which is rotated vertically; consequently the centrifugal force dry the flour. The flour passed through the sieve flow out through the wall of the machine.

Vibro Sifter - DVSI