Magnet "Tubular Type" | KDMB

It is used to separate metallic particles from the product.

Magnet ''Tubular Type'' | KDMB

Magnet "Tubular Type" KDMB

Magnet ''Tubular Type'' KDMB

Applications Fields

  • At food industry
  • Flour & semolina mills
  • Feed mills
  • All grain cleaning plants
  • Corn processing plants
  • Oil factories
  • At plywood factories

Working Principle

The product enters into a tubular shaped chamber from the inlet, and passes over a magnet. The magnet is opened periodically and metallic particles can be automatically discharged.

Features & Advantages

  • High efficiency, perfect cleaning and separation
  • No extra space requirement
  • Strong magnetic field
  • Easy and minimum periodic maintenance
  • Trouble free operation
  • Durable