“Mehmet Alapala who adopted integrity, hardworking and perfection as his principle became a ‘treasure’ leading next generations after him.”

Mehmet Alapala was born in Çorum in 1923. He started his working life in late 1930s at a very young age with his father Abdullah Alapala by building wooden construction parts. Years later he founded his own carpenter’s manufactory with his brother Mustafa Alapala and became a carpenter. Mehmet Alapala was actively involved in construction of Hatap Flour Mill built in Çorum in 1961 by a British manufacturer named Henry Simon. That experience started a new era for both Mehmet Alapala and generations to come. Milling machines were being made of wood during those years. Mehmet Alapala started manufacturing plansifter used in flour mills thanks to his experience gained during such works. He commenced selling sifter to all factories in Turkey very shortly because he gave much importance to quality and worked very meticulously and he was the only person who did this business in Turkey and then, he laid the foundation of Alapala Machine that succeeded in becoming one of the top companies in its sector all around the world. Mehmet Alapala later, together with his son İsmail Alapala, started manufacturing all machinery produced in a flour mill and turn-key mills. He started Alapala Feed Mill in 1982 and Çorum Alapala Flour Mill in 1984 laying the foundations for Alapala Group.

Mehmet Alapala