Work Ethics Rules

"Just as people and societies use ethical values to find right, companies prevent from making mistakes in commercial and social areas with Work Ethics Rules they determined."

Being a well established company, Alapala’s Work Ethic Rules covers principles to protect corporation, employer, supplier, consumer and the society in a bigger picture. Reliability; To reassure its employees, business partners and customers with its decisions and applications and preserve this reliability.


to commit economic, cultural and social responsibilities towards all internal and external stakeholders, the society and the environment


to respect personal rights, laws, social values and cultural differences.


to be fair against each person and agencies it has a commercial relation with from intra-company hierarchyto international trade level.


to maintain a transparent relation between the directors and the employees; to use a clear and perceptible language for internal and externalcommunication.

Responsibility towards the society:

to act according to economic, cultural and social benefits of the society and to contribute to the development of the society with social responsibility works as specified under Social Responsibility Principles in detail.